​A Guide to Parenting Blogs

Parenting is not a walk in the park and one may not realize this unless they are parents themselves. There are no life hacks to being a great parent or solutions. As hard as it is, it seems like at every turn there is an 'expert' giving you conflicting advice on what you should or should not do with your children. These type of people should not tell you how to run your camp not unless they are or have been in your shoes. One should not feel left alone and one can seek parenting advice online. Some may not go to their parents for one reason or the other and it is good seeking advice from other parents whether they are your peers or not. Most of the blogs contain real life experiences that you may relate with and give you a long term solution on how to handle a certain situation.

There are many parenting blogs  like out there but you have to be aware that some of them are there just for the financial purposes of it. Getting a blog that has articles that are not only about real life experiences but also have the funny aspect of it. When you think of a great parenting blog the first thing that should come to your mind is 'proud mummy'. The name of the blog says a lot about it all that's for sure. They are there to give advice and comfort where need be.

There are different types of parenting styles and most of the time parents keep choosing what type of style fits their bill perfectly. Parents want to be both fun, respected and able to instill discipline and moral values in our children. Most parents have varying parenting styles depending on how they were brought up when they were little. Some may feel they do not want to be authoritative over their children while others choose to be authoritative. There's a story behind every parenting style and as much as we hate to admit it or recognize it, it does affect our children. With Proud Mummy, any story that is shared makes you feel like you are part of that family. The stories are good in such a way that they help you picture how the situation was like and makes you to want to keep reading. There is not perfect way of parenting but you need not worry much as with Proud Mummy, you sure have most of your problems sorted.

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